Meet Allison


Allison Paladino is recognized as a creative force in her industry, celebrating more than three decades of inspired interior architecture and design. Her portfolio features clean transitional interiors that embrace traces of classicism. She’s also not one to be bound by the status quo, and she’ll happily tell you that. She’s a confident innovator who blends serene settings with interesting textures and colors. 

As principal of her own design firm, Allison has orchestrated hundreds of exquisite design projects spanning many styles. With a robust construction background and a highly detailed sense of design, she can guide a conversation that goes from ceiling joists to fabric choice. Her projects range from comprehensive interior furnishings to a detailed set of construction plans wherein the firm creates the complete custom interior architecture and specifications for the whole project.  

Organization and efficiency are at the heart of Paladino Rudd Interior Design—qualities she learned in her early career days with Thomas Pheasant, who has been a tremendous influence on her business philosophy. Her design clients stay consistently informed and involved with detailed meeting minutes, status reports, and regular accounting updates. And, each is treated with white-glove service, from the initial kick-off to final installation. 

Much of the firm’s work is concentrated in Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, and Jupiter, Florida, with other projects in select destinations. While the brand is based in The Palm Beaches, Allison Paladino, the designer—and lifelong traveler and passionate adventurer—draws inspiration from all ends of the globe and every experience along the way. Once she is inspired, there’s no stopping the wildfire of creativity. If Allison cannot source the perfect element for a given project, she has a simple philosophy: If you can’t find it, design it. So, that’s exactly what she’s done throughout her tenure, producing bespoke fine-quality pieces for clients whenever the need arises. 


Allison has also applied her keen sensibilities to creative collaborations with other industry partners. She lent her effortless aesthetic to Perennials Fabrics for a Tibetan hand-knotted rug collection and appliqué embroidered pillows. She’s also developed multiple collections for renowned luxury furniture purveyor EJ Victor, designed an outdoor furniture line entitled Sail for Century Furniture, and created an exquisite lighting collection with Fine Art Handcrafted Lighting. 

She is currently working with Visual Comfort on indoor and outdoor lighting. Additionally, Allison also ghost designs for Hickory Chair and Baker Furniture.

Allison is a member of ASID, IFDA, and Design Leadership Network. She has been recognized as A Rising Star by DCOTA, named among the Twenty Five Top Designers from House Beautiful, won multiple Luxe Awards, earned several ASID awards, and was selected for Andrew Martin’s Design Review Book of the top 100 designers in the world five different times. 

When she is not in the office, you can find Allison somewhere near her next inspiration, probably in a far-flung corner of the globe. 

Allison is inspired not by things but by experiences. She’s also the first to admit that it’s taken most of her career to strike the right work-life balance. She leans into her work and her passions with equal enthusiasm, which adds a distinct intensity to the journey but also creates a richly rewarding experience for both Allison and her clients.

Allison is an avid traveler with a passion for nature and all it offers. She loves to be anywhere near the water, boating, sailing, snorkeling, fishing and paddleboarding. She’s even enjoyed cage diving with great whites in South Africa (and has incredible photos to prove it)! Allison
fully embraces an active lifestyle and loves playing a round of golf or catching a ride on her Peloton.

Friends and family are pillars in Allison’s life, and she encourages her employees to practice the same philosophy in their personal lives. Worldly travels and hobbies aside, Allison maintains that great food and delicious wine are two of life’s greatest pleasures. Allison’s other passion is undoubtedly philanthropy. Every year, she proudly supports a variety of causes and programs that work day in and day out to make the world a better place.

Allison’s other passion is undoubtedly philanthropy. Every year, she proudly supports a variety of causes and programs that work day in and day out to make the world a better place.

  • Tony Bennett’s Frank Sinatra School of the Arts
  • Nicklaus Children’s Hospital
  • Green Turtle Cay Foundation
  • Place of Hope
  • Loggerhead Marinelife Center
  • Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League

"I archive anything and everything I discover in my travels and draw inspiration from this veritable treasure trove of memories."

-Allison Paladino

Meet Zita

Zita Van Egmond-Rudd spent her early life growing up in beautiful Amsterdam, Netherlands. The European art and architecture she saw throughout her home country inspired her from a young age. Fast forward to life as a young adult, Ms. Rudd found herself in sunny South Florida, enrolled in the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she earned her Bachelor of Arts degree. While enrolled, she met Allison Paladino through a mutual friend, and the two bonded instantly. Common interests. Right brain, left brain. Creative energy. With undeniable chemistry, it was not long before Rudd and Paladino began working together. The introduction would prove to shape the course of the next two decades. 

At Allison Paladino Interiors, Ms. Rudd earned a unique opportunity to dive into the world of design head-first. And that she did, spending the next 15 years working within the company as if it were her own. She worked in lock-step with Allison, helping build a thriving design business while simultaneously fostering her own talents and honing her skills. 

With self-aware perfectionism, a kind and calming demeanor, and a whimsical sense of humor in tow, Zita Rudd runs the firm’s design department. There, she creates stunning interiors featuring furnishings, fabrics, window treatments, wall coverings and more, working closely with Allison to execute the overall vision. She is the lifeblood of every project, staying in close contact with Allison, clients and vendors alike to oversee the progress from conception to installation. 

In 2022, in recognition of her unwavering commitment to the firm, her incredible talent and passion for excellence, Zita Rudd was named partner. Together, Allison and Zita launched the newly named—but well-matured—company: Paladino Rudd Interior Design. 

Allison and Zita are true partners who work on a foundation of mutual respect and lots of laughter. When she’s not designing spectacular livable spaces, Zita can be found enjoying the South Florida lifestyle with her husband, Parker, and their daughter Siena. 


Zita’s biggest joy in life is her family—her young daughter, Siena, and her husband, Parker. The family jokes they are the Three Musketeers, venturing through life as an unbreakable trio. Exploration is high on the list of activities for the Rudd family, who love to travel together to a new destination each year whenever possible. Of course, the Rudds also stay busy when they’re not traveling, going horseback riding, biking, hiking, reading, swimming and golfing together.

Fitness is another top priority for Zita and her family; she knows it’s the key to staying mentally, professionally and physically focused. So any weekday morning by 5 a.m., you’ll find Zita at either Orange Theory or on her Peloton, ready to put in the work, clear her head, and get the day going.

When she’s not busy keeping her mind, business, and health in tip-top shape, Zita loves volunteering with Siena in the local community on the weekends. Two of their favorite organizations are Christ Fellowship and Loggerhead Marinelife Center.

And of course, no bio of Zita’s could be complete without mentioning her love for food, which was a huge part of her life in Europe—Dutch cheese might just be her second biggest joy.


Paladino Rudd designs are characterized by classic transitional style, beautiful woods & tactile materials.

They are known for their refreshing twists on design and understated drama that can be found from their urbane use of space in a stunning Robert Stern-designed condominium overlooking Central Park, to a new 19 thousand square foot Palm Beach oceanfront estate.

Clients laud their ability to make their vision a reality. In the words of House Beautiful magazine, “In a city synonymous with a gold-leafed grandeur, Allison’s style stands out because of its restraint.

Our Process

Step 1

Step 1: Getting into your head

allison zita charlies angels

A uniquely Paladino intersection of grand vision and aesthetics with meticulous attention to detail and organization, plus having fun along the way!

The initial meeting with the client is really about initiating a relationship, as we are about to embark on a creative and collaborative journey together! Based on this philosophy we're delighted to report, that many of our clients become lifelong friends.

We want to know about each client's personality and preferences. We start by listening to what each client is trying to achieve to determine the scope of the job and set a design direction. Our role is to bring your dream to life with a sense of aesthetics that meshes with yours. In order to achieve this vision, our initial meeting will include the following topics:

  • Style desired
  • Preferred and disliked colors
  • Wood tones
  • Time frame
  • Budget
  • Review API portfolio
  • Review client's magazine clippings
  • Review with client existing plans and the functions of each room
  • Review sample set of our drawings
  • Previous experience with an interior designer vs. decorator
  • Review contract w/ client
  • We can introduce/recommend other professionals
  • New construction or areas to be renovated
  • Scope of the project
  • Copy of existing plans
  • Materials to be used
  • Budget

Step 2

Step 2: Construction Administration

  • Floor Plans - Project Architect to send us the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) plans. If it is a renovation, we will do the site field measuring to create CAD plans for accuracy.
  • Review Plans - We can work with your project professionals to make sure our interior design plans are accurate and perfectly suited for your project/home/etc.
  • Elevations - We will execute elevations for all millwork, cabinetry, stone/tile layouts.
  • Selections, Specifications and Schedules for the Following - Lighting fixtures, plumbing fixtures, electrical switches and outlets, paint, stone, tile, appliances, interior and exterior doors, railing and stair designs, millwork and molding, cabinetry and door hardware.
  • Audio/Visual Consultation - Consultation with Audio/Visual company regarding specifications and placement.
  • Construction Book - a construction book will be created for the client, designer and all contractors bidding on the project. The book will be comprised of pictures and specs of each product. The items will be indexed by categories.
  • Time Lines - We will assist the client with a timeline and estimated completion date of the construction. However, it is the responsibility of the general contractor to meet the specified deadlines.
  • Site Supervision and Project Meetings - We will meet with all the key players on the construction site pertaining to project specifications. Site visits could be as frequent as once a week depending on the stage of the project. If the client is out of town we will send photos of the construction progress.
  • Minutes and Job Status - We will distribute both the client and the contractor as the project schedule dictates.
  • Submittals - We will review manufacturer's and/or contractor's submittals such as shop drawings, product data, and samples to determine conformance with the design concept and specifications set forth in the design documents.
  • Punch List - We will compose a concise punch list and follow through until each item is completed.

Step 3

Step 3: Presentation of Ideas


We will compose a complete design presentation of furniture and fabrics with the following (allow a minimum of 2 months for our preparation):

  • Furniture plans for entire residence as appropriate. There will be more than one option for the client to review.
  • Minimum of three fabric schemes per room. All fabrics will be priced and on reserve to ensure availability.
  • Minimum of three furniture alternatives per each piece on the furniture plan. The furniture will be presented on picture pages with dimensions, pricing and availability.
  • Area rug/wall-to-wall carpet suggestions
  • Window treatment ideas.
  • Elevations of particular walls as appropriate to help the client envision the room.

We also offer realistic renderings for an additional fee so you feel like you are in the space.

The initial meeting with the client is really about initiating a relationship, as we are about to embark on a creative and collaborative journey together! Based on this philosophy we're delighted to report, that many of our clients become lifelong friends.

Step 4

Step 4: Procurement


We will compose a proposal for each piece that is approved at the presentation. The proposal will list a full description of each individual piece with dimensions, delivery time, pricing, picture, sketch, and/or fabric attached.

The proposal will require a signature of approval and the required deposit prior to the order being placed with the vendor. We will compose binders for the client and for the office divided by room for each proposal approved by the client. Our copy will have all ordering correspondence attached to each proposal for quick reference.

Step 5

Step 5: Project Tracking


All orders will be tracked and a status report sent to the client monthly so the client knows the status of orders at all times. The furniture will be received and stored in a local warehouse until all items are received or the residence is complete.

We oversee all vendors and all shipments and track each step against our master schedule. All items will be inspected by the warehouse, and our staff will double-check each one as received to guarantee quality control. We inspect for 100% accuracy of the order - colors, fabrics, wood tones, style numbers - - and inspect thoroughly for any sign of damage.

Our mission is that the client never has to be concerned with any aspect of the job logistics and item delivery.

Step 6

Step 6: Choreograph Installation


We take command of every aspect of installation, making certain that the client is in no way burdened by the multiple components and vendors that may be part of the install.

We choreograph the timing of each vendor - painters, carpet installers, wall finishing, window treatments, furniture delivery, picture hanging, etc. to make certain that the most efficient progression of functions is followed, with the least disturbance to the client's daily lifestyle. Every aspect of the installation is handled precisely and meticulously. We insist that all installers wear shoe covers to protect your floor and carpets, and white gloves to avoid scratches or stains.

We perform the installation without the owner present, as we manage every last detail from the best placement of electrical cords to organizing art and accessories on bookshelves. When we've signed off on all the minutia - then, and only then, are we ready for the client walkthrough.

Step 7

Step 7: Delight


The final step is the walkthrough with the client. Together we tour every room and every detail we have created together. It is a real celebration with hors d'oeuvres and bubbly!

The client is extremely happy and therefore we have achieved our number one goal! Approximately 75% of our projects come from client referrals and we greatly appreciate all referrals!


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