Paladino Rudd Takes On Alaska


With the start of fall we've reflected on some of our favorite summer highlights! We must say, hands down it
was setting sail in Alaska with Anne and David Sutherland of Sutherland and Perennials. After decades of a
wonderful partnership, they generously invited us to explore The Last Frontier aboard their beautiful vessel. It's
always the best when colleagues become companions, and we were just that when exploring this destination. We
Florida girls couldn't have had better hosts to take us on this chilly yet eye - opening adventure.

This was our first time in Alaska and there was plenty to see. From whales, seals, and tortoises to icebergs with
all shades of blue. Shocked by the natural world this flipped our perspective and got us looking into a whole
new coastal world. We loved fishing, playing cards, and enjoyed many laughs. Although it was a close call, we
came to the conclusion that Allison is definitely the best at fishing. We even learned some new facts! Alaska is
the largest rainforest in the nation, who knew?

Anne and David have been our friends for quite some time, and it was a joy to get to know them and their team
for many years. There is so much mutual respect, and it has only grown. Ever since our return from sea we've
been diving into new projects and couldn’t help ourselves from placing an order on “Homespun” a Perennials
fabric we can't get enough of!